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Generally the infiltrations are due to problems in the bitumen waterproofing membrane; for this reason, it is necessary to choose the best waterproofing, both when operating on existing structures and in the case of new constructions. With the arrival of autumn rains, the problems of infiltrations increase which, if not adequately solved, cause permanent damage to the structures.

bitumen waterproofing membrane
Waterproofing Membrane

How to choose the best waterproofing

The waterproofing is to prevent the passage of water in the underlying layers and generally, it must be positioned after the thermal insulation (which is located after the sloping screed and the possible vapour barrier) and before the upper covering.
The concentration of the polymers is such as to obtain a “phase inversion” alloy, with a continuous polymeric phase characterized by a high concentration of SBS elastomers and metallocene copolymers with elastomeric behaviour, which allows the production of membranes with a higher quantity of binder provided of high elasticity even at low temperature.
As a result, the double benefit is obtained of obtaining an easier fuse of the mixture, which results in a faster laying with a reduced consumption of gas compared to the corresponding standard membranes, together with the increase of low density components which, for the same thickness implies the consequent reduction of the mass of the product.


For the maintenance and/or restoration of old waterproofing and sheaths and/or roofs that are no longer impermeable. Underlay treatment, flooring foundations, terraces, eaves channels, planters, shower rooms, bathrooms.
Thanks to its formulation designed to give greater plasticity, it is easily applicable to vertical surfaces such as concrete concretion treatments.
presents the renewed range of waterproofing sheaths and mortars. also a complete and reliable line of products for concrete protection, flexible coating, asbestos-cement encapsulation.
A waterproof and impenetrable also barrier for all water protection and containment interventions.
The Standard 1504 governs the performance characteristics that the producers must ensure for their products. The CE mark guarantees full compliance with these standards.

bitumen waterproofing membrane
Waterproofing Membrane

Recommended uses of bitumen waterproofing membrane

Supports: bituminous sheaths; tars; tarred sheets; fibre cement; wood; bricks; stones;tuffs; metals; concretes and cement plasters.
Do not apply on: plasters based on hydraulic lime or gypsum; sheaths or bituminous mantles before that
disappeared Calcaterra o superficial oily veil (usually 3 months from laying).
Suitable: to restore the waterproofing of terraces before laying ceramic tiles

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