Liquid waterproofing membrane for concrete rices

Due to the physical and chemical properties of Liquid waterproofing membrane, these types of coatings are used for various purposes in different parts of the construction industry today, the product can be used for insulation of various types of roofs. concrete, wooden, metal and gable. This product is a good replacement for the waterproofing. And because of its better quality, its price is higher. The cost of producing polyurethane insulation is high, therefore, its mass production is more cost effective, and its production at low prices raises its price.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Liquid waterproofing membrane or polyurethane insulation

Polyurethanes are polymers that have a urethane bond. The most important feature of this group of polymers is that they form a stable structural reaction. In this method of sealing concrete, polyurethane resins are injected in one or two parts with a special injection pump in water penetration areas (which is why it is referred to as concrete injection into concrete) and causes the concrete to be sealed from the inside and the depth It goes.
Polyurethanes can be injected into a variety of cracks. However, the minimum size of the cracks should be 0.1 mm higher.

Because in small-sized cracks, polyurethane particles can not penetrate well inside the crack and seal it. This insulator can be used in cracks that are still active and can be expanded, however, it should be noted that the strength of polyurethanes is low and the active cracks can break down and create a gap between the polyurethane particles and the way to penetrate the water. Of course, this applies to lower two-component polyurethanes because they have a higher resistance to the rest of the polyurethane.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Polyurethane resin types

Polyurethane resins are two types.
Solid polyurethane resin
Solid polyurethane resins use for seamless repositioning. Because it has a higher resistance. Their relative density and flexibility are also higher
Foamed polyurethane resins
When using foamed polyurethane resins, water should be added to them, therefore, in concrete that is exposed to water (such as concrete dams, wall-mounted concrete walls with high groundwater, concrete pools and water tanks …). It is possible to use this insulator.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

The benefits of polyurethane insulation

  •  Proper insulation performance
  •  Ability to cover all types of seams and cracks
  •  High speed
  •  High durability
  •  Possibility of implementation in positive and negative aspects of concrete
  •  Avoid steel corrosion
    The specialized and skilled machinery of the complex is the implementation of concrete foam injection in the injection of resin.

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Application of polyurethane insulation

Due to the physical and chemical properties of polyurethanes, these types of coatings use for various purposes in different parts of the construction industry today.
Some of the most important polyurethane applications include:

  •  Sealing water tanks and pools
  •  ealing and dying hair dams
  •  Concrete slab sealing
  •  Sealing concrete walls
  •  Fixing the crack
  •  Removing cracks in dams
  •  To remove seams and cracks in the body of pools and water reservoirs
  •  Removing seams and cracks in concrete slabs
  •  To removing seams and cracks in concrete walls
  •  Removing seams and cracks in concrete stairs

Floor Covering

  •  Industrial flooring: Suitable for industrial hardened environments and corrosion resistant chemicals and abrasion. This flooring is usable in all military and pharmaceutical plants, and its price is higher due to better quality than epoxy flooring.
  •  Sports flooring: This type of flooring has a higher elasticity and is therefore very suitable for sports facilities.
  •  Hospital polyurethane flooring: This flooring is also very suitable for both hospital and sanitary facilities.
  •  Tartan Flooring: This flooring is a great option because of its non-slip nature, for certain sports environments (such as field gardens).
  •  Normal polyurethane flooring: Suitable for other environments (such as parking spaces).

Liquid waterproofing membrane

Tube cover

Another polyurethane application is to use it as a pipe coating, and especially for oil and gas pipelines. Due to the fact that polyurethane is very well bonded to steel and concrete and is also resistant to corrosion of chemicals, it is one of the best options for covering pipes, another notable point is that this cathodic protection coating is also considered.

Roof insulation

The product use for insulating concrete, wooden, metal and gable roofing. This product is a good replacement for the waterproofing.
Other applications of polyurethane
In addition to the above, polyurethanes also have other uses, including:

  •  Bowling Balls
  •  soccer ball
  •  Covering the bandage
  •  Denim fabrics
  •  Surfing board
  •  Rock Fill protection available on breakwaters and dam walls
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